REAL CONCERNS about the treatment of Katuscon deleted on BBYO’s facebook page during The International Conference

Alright. Now that’s just wrong, deleting out commentary that should have been addressed by its staff and left up in terms of getting them addressed. I wrote something that I wish for someone over there to address: violence, assault, safety. Throwing a wall like that? Wow…

PLEASE BEFORE CONTACTING ANYONE, PLEASE CUT THE ANTISEMETIC REMARKS. Many who have attended Katsucon, with a lot of people who of Jewish faith and origin, have concerns on how BBYO acted. Any remarks of this nature will be removed (especially for this thread) as it would only cause roadblocks with our true concerns. People were assaulted. People were injured. People were sexually assaulted. Things were destroyed. People’s feelings and sense of security were shaken. It’s not just about the gazebo, it’s now actions that their staff and attendees have done to Katsucon attendees that has caused injury.

Remember that the organization in itself is lead by its youth (or at least in theory). The best way is to helping BBYO’s youth in realizing that the way this is strictly unacceptable. I’m sorry, I am not take this sitting down. Many people who have brought up legitimate concerns have a Jewish linage and are Jewish themselves. In response, I am suggesting as many people as they can to contact them. For those that know youth in BBYO or those that are in BBYO and have those concerns, the best bet is to have them pass our concerns up the chain alongside these.

Furthermore I will also recommend passing up tips to consumerist to “”. 

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Remember, this isn’t about religion, it’s about doing the right damn thing.