An Open Message to Katsucon and the BBYO International Convention

(Edit: I have made a followup post for this.)

This will be my long winded rant and very relevant. This is tagged to the most relevant people possible. I hope this reaches the right people. I want our top leaders to sit down and talk straight tomorrow. Heaven forbid, if I got to, I will.

I am known in my circle as the Drunken Aya. I have attended Katsucon ever since Katsucon 9. We have endured ridicule due to our likings of an odd culture that is across the Pacific Ocean. We dress up in characters that are often odd, and often, amusing. We often act odd, look weird, and often get fun of. Some of us may be even other groups that have been hurt for generations which include LGBT. 

Understandably, the Jewish people have gone through a lot of pain over generations, from losing a nation, from being second class citizens, to certain death in World War II. Today, there is still a lot of fear from attacks from the past to the present from those within, and from the outside.

However, this still does not excuse rudeness, FROM BOTH SIDES. 

Katsucon attendees, staff, AND guests: BBYO IC are not just a “bunch of jews” who “scheme.” I, myself, am very guilty of this. I am so sorry. It is anger that makes antisemetic remarks come up. It is poignant too. I am from the Philippines which has not only a Roman Catholic outlook but a Muslim outlook as well. I understand the anger and upsetness that this can cause and the hurt of many. BBYO IC stands for trying to grow future leaders in the Jewish tradition. and I hope they do have leaders that come out well in this convention. We pride ourselves in being accepting of everyone, regardless of race, religion, or culture, BUT THIS?! THIS!? Unacceptable!

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization International Conference (BBYO IC) attendees, staff, and guests: Katsucon is not just a bunch of weirdos. We have our interests that are of not of the mainstream. We are not antisemetic, nor that we are “Nazi’s.” Katsucon is about Kyosei: Coming together for the common good, or in this case, a common interest: Japanese animation, Japanese culture, and general geek culture. We are upset because a place that was traditionally used cannot be accessed by Katsucon attendees. Yes, sure, it may be paid for. But consider what is happening. Preaching of unity and of a better world, but this?! THIS. Unacceptable!

It may be not be much, but both our groups have hopes, dreams, and fears. Both our groups have gone through pain, discrimination, hatred, and ridicule of various kinds and levels. Both our groups wish to express ourselves in our own, unique ways. There is no need for a Berlin Wall of people to keep us separate. There is no need to throw insults at each other. There is no need for seperation. WE ARE HUMANS IN THIS WORLD.

Look, it is bad when BBYO’s attendees want to reach across the hall to Katsucon’s attendees in the spirit of unity, and because petty, little, politics, are pushed back with a human Berlin Wall. I, myself, have been a first hand witness to this. I have friends both in Katsucon and BBYO. Our organizations need get together in the spirit of unity and therefore, I will invoke Reagan’s challenge of TEAR DOWN THIS WALL.

In closing.

To our brothers and sisters in the BBYO International Convention: Shabbat Shalom.

To our brothers and sisters in Katsucon: Let’s rock, together!

For everyone: Let’s roll. Let’s make Saturday … OUR Shabbat … the best damn weekend for everyone. Let’s reach across the aisle together. Let’s show this world that not just Katsucon nor BBYO can do it alone. Let’s show our community, our world, that we can walk together!  

tl;dr We are in this world together. Let’s make the best of it, together.

~ I am the Drunken Aya, with a BAC of .15 and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE ~